About us

Numbered Riders  Jowetts-11-04-15-178-Edit-2  Numbered Riders

We are a family of cycling mad farmers!! Our aim is to encourage more people on to their bikes, to get fit and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Cranborne Chase both on and off road!!

To achieve this we are establishing a cycling hub based at our Farm in the heart of the Chalke Valley. We want this to be an informal, friendly training and meeting place for cyclists from far and wide.

With help from Architrail and E3C we are planning to build a dedicated single track XC MTB course on the farm in 2016 and run races and training sessions starting from Spring 2017.

E3C who have 12 years experience in endurance sport coaching will also be providing coached road rides and training sessions.

We are developing our ideas and hopefully we can create something special!!